Build Python 2.6 on Ubuntu

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One good trick for installing the dependencies you will need for building Python 2.6 is to use apt-get to install the dependencies necessary to build Python 2.5. Apt already knows about Python 2.5 and it is likely that Python 2.6 has at least the same dependencies as 2.5.

apt-get build-dep python2.5

The following was all I needed to build Python 2.6 on Ubuntu 7.10. This was not on a totally clean system, so other systems may need additional packages. This is a rough list that will get you most of the way there.

aptitude -y -q install libc6-dev
aptitude -y -q install libffi4-dev
aptitude -y -q install libreadline5-dev
aptitude -y -q install libncurses5-dev
aptitude -y -q install libncursesw5-dev
aptitude -y -q install libbz2-dev
aptitude -y -q install libssl-dev
aptitude -y -q install libsqlite3-dev
aptitude -y -q install libgdbm-dev
aptitude -y -q install tcl8.4-dev
aptitude -y -q install tk8.4-dev