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Qmail Rocks Ubuntu

This script installs a Qmail Rocks style server on Ubuntu. This handles apt package dependencies automatically.



This script is poorly writen and poorly tested. It doesn't even come close to the standard and quality of qmail itself. It doesn't pretend to. This script may completely destroy your machine and all data on it. Don't blame me. Use it at your own risk.


This script is free and in the public domain. It doesn't need no stinking license.


Download the tarball here:


Known problems

This has only been tested in production a few times, but I can pretty reliably uninstall my entire qmail server and rebuild it from scratch in just a few minutes.

It does not setup services to start automatically on boot. Some services are put in /etc/rc.local, but /etc/rc.local does not have correct execute permissions. /etc/init.d/imap and /etc/init.d/imaps are created but not linked into /etc/rc2.d/.

"make uninstall" does not remove everything. It should remove enough that you can start over from a previous installation. It assumes the location of all directories and binaries to remove. If you install more than once then you will get duplicate lines in /etc/rc.local (pretty harmless).

This does not automatically patch the httpd.conf or setup .htaccess and .htpasswd files for vqadmin. This is more of a missing feature than a bug, but it's about the last piece I'd need to have a nearly hands-free qmail installer.

Russell Nelson's patch to reject relay probes succeeds, but with fuzz. This is because it is applied after Ryan Schlesinger's forcetls patch. Really, a new, combined patch should be made after Ryan Schlesinger's forcetls patch is applied.

This is a pretty simple-minded script. Some of the sed lines should be made smarter. It will probably fail on non-standard systems.

How To Install

1. Become root:

   sudo su -

2. If you are starting over from a previous install attempt then you should run:

   make uninstall

This will get rid of any previous qmail rocks installs.

3. Edit qmail_rocks_ubuntu.sh to configure these options:


4. Run ./qmail_rocks_ubuntu.sh