Qmail sucks

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Qmail may rock, but it rocks in the manner of an autistic child.

I hate qmail.

Good things about Qmail

  1. Maildir mailbox format
  2. Security

Bad things about Qmail

  1. Crappy Documentation
  2. 100 different ways to install
  3. Management Nightmare
  4. Abandoned product, yet carries a restrictive license so all bug fixes and enhancements are available only as source patches.

qmail log files suck

Instead of being a few log files in one place under /var/log each process has it's own directory two deep such as "/var/log/qmail/qmail-send/current". I know this is the fault of multilog and I could probably hack something else in its place...

Log files refer to time in an annoying format. Yes, I know there is a stupid filter, tai64nlocal, but how does storing the date-time stamp in hex help anyone in the first place?

Log file entries refer to Delivery Numbers -- not Message Numbers. It is sometimes possible to grep in the log files to see what Message Number is associated with a Delivery Number, which is itself annoying, but this situation actually breaks if qmail was ever restarted because then the Delivery Number sequences start all over again and you loose any way to associate a log file entry with the message causing the message in the log... Why not have each log entry that is associated with the delivery of a message actually refer to the Message Number?