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This shows how to check if a file is older than a given date using Bash. I use this to test the age of my server backup log. If the log is more than a day old then I send an alert.

# This checks that the specified file is less than 24 hours old.
# returns 0 if younger than 24 hours.
# returns 1 if older than 24 hours.
MAXAGE=$(bc <<< '24*60*60') # seconds in a day
# file age in seconds = current_time - file_modification_time.
FILEAGE=$(($(date +%s) - $(stat -c '%Y' "$FILE")))
test $FILEAGE -lt $MAXAGE && {
    echo "$FILE is less than $MAXAGE seconds old."
    exit 0
echo "$FILE is older than $MAXAGE seconds."
exit 1