data structures

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Lowest Common Ancestor

Data Structures

Linked List
Priority Queue
Union Find
Hash Table
Associative array (dictionary, map, symbol table)
A collection that associates a unique Key with a Value.
Suffix Array
Dynamic Suffix Array
Sparse Table
Lowest Common Ancestor
Suffix Automaton
Heavy-Light Decomposition
string searching algorithm
data structure that uses a tree to store a string in order to make subsequent manipulation of the string more efficient. This data structure is frequently found in text editors and makes it possible to efficiently delete and insert blocks of text.
Dancing Links
Used to solve exact cover problems.


Binary Search Tree
Huffman Tree
Segment Tree
Binary Indexed Tree
Range Tree
Trie (prefix tree)
Radix Tree
K-d Tree
Link-Cut Tree
Splay Tree
Palindromic Tree
Treap (tree + heap)
randomized binary tree:
Tree Map (Tree Dict)