soap bubble formula

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Soap Bubble Formula

This is a soap bubble recipe. The water to soap ratio in many of the Bubble Solution recipes varies greatly, from 3/1 to 12/1. The ratio range about 6/1 to 9/1 seems to be the average range. Many recipes also recommend using sugar or corn syrup in place of, or in addition to glycerol. I found one recipe that called for adding gelatin at a volume equal to the soap. Some sources say that the ultra (concentrated) versions of dish soap do not work as well.

     9 parts water (if water is hard, use distilled water)
     1 part  dish soap (Dawn seems to be highly recommended over others. I doubt it makes a difference.)
1/10th part  glycerol (glycerin)

Hard-core bubble nerds have come up with some pretty sophisticated formulas for bubble juice. Most of their recipes result in a concentrated form that must be mixed with water before use.

4.4 Liters DI water
240 grams sodium bicarbonate
11 Liters Dawn Pro detergent
33 grams hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC). Also sold as '''Dow Methocel K15M PCG'''.
### Some say this is unnecessary: 28 grams xanthan gum
13 grams polyethylene oxide (PEO). Also sold as '''Dow Polyox WSR-301'''.

Lubricants such as J-Lube, Surgilube, and K-Y Jelly are frequently used. These contain substances similar or identical to HPMC and PEO.