Noah's Pictures

Potato Hill Paragliding 2005-05-29
Paragliding trip to Potato Hill, California.

Expedition Reno
A trip to Nevada. We visited areas near Virginia City and Pyramid Lake.

Expedition Death Valley
A trip to Nevada and California.

The Y2K Party
San Francisco Riot Police contain another New Year's mayhem

This page has some interesting photos I took with my x-ray machine.

Another day in paradise

Deep '66
My current car of choice

Japanese Sex Machine
My previous car of choice

Flat tire in Saline Valley. Thank god it was a rental!

PAO Lightning
Freak lightning storm at Palo Alto airport.

Magic Air
Biplane flight over San Juan islands.

The more cats the better (actually, just a random collection of animals and stuff).

Donuts and beer -- 24 hours a day.

Voodoo doll
A friend of mine is arachnophobic. I made this to taunt him.
Wire and "sculpy III" polymer clay. The cocoon is made of cotton thread.


This is a cat

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