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My starter template for a Python CLI script

This is my quintessential Python starter template for command-line scripts. This is a elaborate hello world that I use whenever I start a new script.

What inspired this is that whenever I wrote a shell script I always found myself going back to add readline support; then getopt arg parsing; then exception handling; then help documentation, etc... I'd always end up with this hello world script at the core. So what I did was pull this out and make it pretty.

To make this even more useful I have Vim use this as a template for new Python files. I added the following lines to my .vimrc:

augroup BufNewFileFromTemplate
autocmd BufNewFile * silent! 0r $HOME/.vim/templates/%:e.tpl
autocmd BufNewFile * normal! G"_dd1G
autocmd BufNewFile * silent! match Todo /TODO/
augroup BufNewFileFromTemplate

Then I put this script in a file named:


Now whenever I start a new Python script Vim will automatically copy this template into my buffer.

Click to download: py.tpl <include src="/home/noahspurrier/" highlight="python" />