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Qmail Rocks on Ubuntu

A stock Ubuntu server install will need a few additional packages to support Qmail Rocks.

apt-get -q -y install build-essential sed flex bison autoconf
apt-get -q -y install libssl-dev
apt-get -q -y install openssl
apt-get -q -y install openssh-server
apt-get -q -y install csh
apt-get -q -y install expect
apt-get -q -y install libgdbm-dev
apt-get -q -y install libltdl3 libltdl3-dev
apt-get -q -y install mysql-server libmysqlclient15-dev # For Vpopmail MYSQL support

Virtual Hosts

When you run config-fast you set your main STMP host. If you need other virtual hosts then you must edit your rcpthosts file.

# ./config-fast mail.example.com
Your fully qualified host name is mail.example.com.
Putting mail.example.com into control/me...
Putting example.com into control/defaultdomain...
Putting example.com into control/plusdomain...
Putting mail.example.com into control/locals...
Putting mail.example.com into control/rcpthosts...
Now qmail will refuse to accept SMTP messages except to mail.example.com.
Make sure to change rcpthosts if you add hosts to locals or virtualdomains!

Install qmail rocks script

Be sure to edit the few shell script variables at the top of this script. This assumes that you have Apache installed under /var/www/usr/local/apache2. If Apache is somewhere else then you will need to modify the CONFIGURATION OPTIONS section of the script.

<include svncat src="file:///home/svn/src/shell/qmail_rocks_install/qmail_rocks_install.sh" />