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Rough Draft

The more I work with software the more old-fashioned I've become. I recently considered the arc of my programming career beginning with UNIX in college; moving to Windows NT for many years; then back to UNIX again where I have been for the last five years.

Get me a shell and I can do almost anything I need to do with a computer. I use Vim for editing; Mutt for email; and Cerntericq for IM. I don't use Lynx much for the web except in a pinch.

I love my NintendoDS. It's sad that the hacking potential has sort of fallen off. If someone If I had the time I'd take a crack at it myself. DSLinux is nice, but it's mostly useless without a working WiFi. Drop DSLinux and just get OpenSSH or DropBear to work with WiFi and I'd be happy.

I'm not against a GUI IDE. I think that VB6 was the pinnacle of easy to use development environments. I won't say that I loved the VB language, but it was fine. When Java came around I was very

I used Emacs for a while, but I didn't like the keyboarding. Vim may not be quite as powerful as an IDE, but I much prefer it as an editor. I learned the basics of vi in the early 90's, but I didn't commit to learning the good stuff until almost 15 years later.