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Places to buy tools and supplies

Electronic Interface and Control NTE (sells the NTE521 high voltage tripler) Wide range of RC servos plus gears, drive shafts, and chains. Controllers and parts for RC servos, motors, sensors. Good prices. They don't screw you on little stuff. As a result I end up going to Pololu for buying bulk stock of power plugs, jumpers, headers, RC cables and connectors. USB interfaces to sensors and controllers. Good stuff, but more expensive than Pololu. environment-proof sensors, sensor boards, data collection. They have pH, ORP, flow meters, power isolation. All boards provide I2C or UART serial with ASCII data format. Everything is plug-and-play, dead simple for microcontroller interfacing, potted in epoxy to be dirt and waterproof, and reasonably priced. Geiger Counters, servo control, kits, hobby projects. Stepper motor drivers. Adaptors for PCI, USB, memory cards, mini-PCI. Lots of embedded adaptor cables

Tools Techni-Tool: hand tools Wiha tools: hand tools, drivers Snap-on tools Enco tools catalog Machine shop tooling

Mechanical Hardware McMaster-Carr: fasteners, fabrication tools, power transmission, mechanical parts. Small parts similar to McMaster-Carr, but more lab oriented. Industrial tools and hardware. Amazon Scientific and Industrial MSC Direct Murphy and Simi Co. casters, wheels, hand trucks, pallet jacks, etc Harrison & Bonini -- bolts, nuts, washers and screws

Raw Materials

Alan Steel & Supply Company (650)369-2526 505 East Bayshore Road, Redwood City, CA 94063

Electrical Engineering Mastech power supplies: lab and bench DC power supplies.

Parts search engines

Computer and Network hardware Graybar: rack-mount hardware and networking parts and tools. Graybar is only decent place in San Francisco for racks and rack-mount hardware. 1760 CESAR CHAVEZ #A, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94124 415-970-5444 Johnny Shami is a nice guy. Sweet Memory will ship free in San Francisco via messenger, so if you need a memory or a drive and you can't leave your office then you can still get it the same day from Sweet Memory. Prices are decent for a storefront in SF. Mail-order stores may be cheaper, but that doesn't help you when you need a part ASAP. 415-281-8600. 100 First st., San Francisco, CA 94105 Central Computers. 837 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 415-495-5888

Parts resupply

Fixture Hex Nuts (Spherical End), or extra thick nuts or high hex nuts.

Sapphire Vee Jewel Bearing
precision low friction plain bearings.