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The wonderful new light of Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
-- "Now the fun begins"

Polaroid X-ray Machine Why build when you can buy? There are still a few cool things you can find on eBay; although, I couldn't find an unlicensed nuclear accelerator.

x-ray art My favorite pictures that I have taken.

x-ray detector a simple, home-built detector for measuring x-ray leakage and minimum safe distances from an x-ray source. Special components require only some zinc sulfide (ZnS) crystals and a photodetector.

Noah's CAT Scanning Notes Next I want to build a CAT scanner. I think it's doable right in my garage...

An Inexpensive X-ray Machine The Scientific American Book of Projects for The Amateur Scientist Copyright © 1960 by C. L. Stong

CAT Scan A good description, but requires crappy Java plugin.

Generating X-rays with Receiving Tubes This article, which describes the experiments of Bob Templeman of Chicago, IL, is from the Bell Jar (electronic version) No. 2 (October 1994), which was condensed from material originally presented in Volume 3, Numbers 1 & 2 (Winter & Spring 1994) of the Bell Jar.

Steven N. Meyers art x-ray photography

Bert Myers More x-rays. Not to be confused with Meyers with two e's.

Albert C. Koetsier

This is a very cool art book: X=T: The Art of X-Ray Photography

x-ray history A nice history of x-rays

In 1895, Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen's discovery of x-rays in this laboratory revolutionized science and medicine but did you know that x-rays may have been produced by William Morgan, a Welsh mathematician, more than a century before Roentgen's discovery? In 1785, Morgan was conducting experiments on electrical discharges in a vacuum when he noted that "according to the length of time during which the mercury was boiled, the 'electric' light turned violet, then purple, then a beautiful green...and then the light became invisible." Morgan's experiment was witnessed by American diplomat Benjamin Franklin, a fellow investigator in electrical phenomena.

Danger! Danger!

Search Google for, "dangers of x-rays". Also interesting: X Rays and the Radioactive Workplace