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All toasters suck. a resistive heater is about as simple of an electric circuit as you can get. In fact, it is the simplest, if you don't count an open circuit.

light gauge overbend (LGO) heating element. A type of resistive heating element. Light gauge wire embedded in a ceramic to prevent oxidation and burnout. At least, I think that's what it is. I have not found an explanation specific.
Water Heater Element
a resistive heater for electric hot water heaters. A screw-in element in 120VAC and 240 VAC. The screw threads are 2 inch NPT. A typical element is made from a resistance wire packed in a MgO powder packaged in a sheath tube made of one of the following materials: Incoloy® steel type 840 or 800 is a cheaper alternative to Inconel with max immersed temperature up to 1500°F/815°C (40 WSI), stainless steel type 321 or 216L immersed temperature 1200°F/649°C (30 WSI), copper immersed temperature 350°F/177°C (55 WSI), v750°F/399° steel (22 WSI), Inconel (80/20 Nickel/Chromium) is rare to find but good for air temperatures up to 1700°F/926°C (75 WSI).