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There is an estimated 10 trillion galaxies in the observable (visible) universe.

There are about 100 billion (100000000000) stars in the Milky Way. Some estimates increase this to 200 billion stars.

There are about 100 octillion stars in the observable universe (100000000000000000000000000000).

We know the universe extends beyond the visible horizon. We can only estimate how much more universe is beyond the observable horizon. Estimates range from 250 to 3*1023 times the observable universe.

Within a volume sphere of 50 light-years from Earth there are about about 133 visible stars. These stars are about the size of the Sun or bigger. If the Sun were 50 light-years away it would barely be visible, but not quite. Within this 50 light-year sphere there are about 1400 stars, so we can see only about 10% of the stars. Most of the stars we can see are similar to the Sun (G-type stars); although, "similar" may not mean what a layman might think. The stars may appear quite different to a layman).