AcidWarp is software that falls into the category of "eye-candy". AcidWarp generates soft, friendly pictures on your screen. It selects from over 40 mathematical function to generate each picture pattern. Once displayed the colors of each picture are animated to produce a flowing and moving picture.

Also included are instructions for building "The Warper" - a simple video projection device. The Warper allows you to project the images from your computer monitor onto a wall or screen. Total cost is less than $25 if you buy the parts new.

AcidWarp is free software. You may use it as you please. You may also experiment with the source code. Although this software is free I do encourage postcards or email.

See below for the standard paranoid disclaimer.

AcidWarp for MS-DOS
Requires MS-DOS compatible system
(Yes, it works under Windows).
Source code is included.

AcidWarp for Linux
Web site for Linux eye candy for SVGAlib screens.
ported by Steve Wills


The Warper
Instructions for building "The Warper" -
a simple video projection device for your monitor.

NOTICE! I do not accept responsibility for damage to persons or property that comes from the use or installation of this software. Use this software at your own risk. This software is free.

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