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Yahoo! Address Book, Export Netscape/Thunderbird --> Abook Import ldif / Netscape addressbook

I had a hard time importing my Yahoo address book into abook. They both claim to support some common formats, but the fields never mapped very well. The best turned out to be "Netscape/Thunderbird" from Yahoo! Address Book. That generates an LDIF file (LDAP Interchange Format). The only problem is that a lot of the field names don't quite match the abook export option for "ldif / Netscape addressbook", but it's pretty close. This will get names and email addresses, but no postal addresses and phone numbers. The following ex script will fix most of the field names. I couldn't get secondary email addresses to match, so those still get lost.

<include svncat src="file:///home/svn/src/shell/abook_yahoo.sh" highlight="sh" />