Chroot notes

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Copy an existing root filesystem

This script copies an existing rootfs to one that is to be used in a chroot environment. This copies everything, so it should give you a full environment with everything you need to run anything that would run under the original rootfs. The copy rootfs should look and work exactly like the original. This is useful for creating new versions of rootfs images in embedded systems. This is not efficient if you just want to run a single program under a jail, but this eliminates any doubts and should always "just work".

There are some fuzzy parts here. Copying /var from a running system is questionable.

## mount /dev/sda1 /media/adhoc
## debootstrap jaunty /media/adhoc/rootfs/
## cd /media/adhoc/rootfs
cp -a /bin .
cp -a /boot .
cp -a /dev .
cp -a /etc .
cp -a /home .
cp -a /lib .
cp --preserve=all --no-dereference /media .
cp --preserve=all --no-dereference /mnt .
cp -a /opt .
cp -a /root .
cp -a /sbin .
cp --preserve=all --no-dereference /srv .
cp -a /usr .
cp -a /var .
## # Enter the chroot jail, which should look exactly like the original rootfs.
## chroot ${TARGET_DIR} /bin/bash -l
## # The /proc and /sys filesystems may need to be remounted inside the jail.
## mount -t proc proc /proc
## mount -t sysfs sysfs /sys