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Gameboy Advance Notes


HAM Gameboy Advance Development Kit


Importshop Nederlands downloads -- faster than many of the original Chinese sites

EZ-Flash I have the EZ-FLASH III 1Gb card and EZWriter II. I've had good luck with this card. All ROMs have worked. I didn't need to patch them or convert them in any way. Annoyances:

   * Every single time I try some new action I get an error "WARNING FAT Filesystem Error". Strangely, this seems harmless as everything has worked perfectly so far.
   * You must use their manager software to copy the ROMs. This requires Windows. They claim the cartridge will show up as a USB drive, but I couldn't get this to work under Windows much less Linux, so it's certainly not a standard flash drive.
   * The card boots up with a mini-GUI called EZPDA that is kind of cute at first, but it's annoying in the long run. I prefered the clean, flat text interface of the SuperCard. This isn't a big deal. English is bad

SuperCard SD and CF Gameboy Cards. I own one of these. I prefer the User Interface to the EZFlash. I also like the fact that I can just mount the flash memory under Linux as a removable drive, then just plug the flash into the SuperCard without having to use their software manager. The downside is that the SuperCard is cheaply made. The plastic doesn't fit well. The cartridge is hard to get in and out of the GBA SP. I had to trim off some of the plastic with a razor blade. I opened it up and the PCB seems to be made well... I do not recommend this card. You need to use their Super Card software to "convert" most GBA ROM files before they will work. That limits it to Windows. Worse yet is that not every ROM file works. I first tried Advance Wars 2 without conversion and I would just get a blank white screen. I then converting it. The ROM would boot and I would get the intro screen and theme music, but the game would hang up with a strange buzzing sound as soon as I pressed START. I tested with the sd_152 firmware upgrade.

EFA II Extreme Flash Advance II is a Direct USB-to-cartrdige (cartridge has mini-USB jack in back). Claims that it shows up as ordinary USB drive, so manager software might not be required. Looks handy. I have not tried it.