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This is my version of the classic `banner` program. This is written in Python. It supports font rotation; XPM Pixmap output; two font sizes. It can read text from stdin or from the command-line.

MOTD banner

I like to have a nice big banner display the machine name when I login. I use the following script to create a banner that I put in /etc/motd.

# banner $HOSTNAME > /etc/motd

Simple XPM pixmaps

This script can also create text icons and labels for X-Windows. Using the -x option will tell the script to output in xpm format. Put the output in a file in /usr/share/pixmaps/ and you can use the icon anywhere in X-Windows.

# banner -x -g 32x32 www noah org > /usr/share/pixmaps/


I put this script in my ~/bin directory. This is part of my standard Dotfiles distribution.

Download banner <include src="/home/noahspurrier/" highlight="python" />