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Disassemble kernel system_call

aptitude -q -y install build-essential
aptitude -q -y install linux-source
gdb -q /usr/src/linux-source-`uname -r`/vmlinux
(gdb) disassemble system_call
Dump of assembler code for function system_call:
0xc0103fa0 <system_call+0>:     push   %eax
0xc0103fa1 <system_call+1>:     cld    
0xc0103fa2 <system_call+2>:     push   %fs
0xc0103fa4 <system_call+4>:     push   %es
0xc0103fa5 <system_call+5>:     push   %ds
0xc0103fa6 <system_call+6>:     push   %eax
0xc0103fa7 <system_call+7>:     push   %ebp
---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit---
0xc0104065 <ldt_ss+53>: pop    %edi
0xc0104066 <ldt_ss+54>: pop    %eax
0xc0104067 <ldt_ss+55>: lss    (%esp),%esp
0xc010406b <ldt_ss+59>: jmp    0xc010401b <restore_nocheck_notrace>
End of assembler dump.

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