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The People With Holes in their Heads
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Eccentric Lives & Peculiar Notions
ISBN:0-15-127358-8 (c)Copyright 1984 by John F. Michell

Hole in the Head
by Joe Mellen
Other Scenes magazine, November 1970


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News of the Weird
by Chuck Shepherd

In a first-person account in London's The Independent in September, Jenny Gathorne-Hardy reported that she drilled a hole in her skull (with pain relief only by local anesthetic) to test the theory that adults' brains would function better if blood were allowed to circulate to the topmost part, which is made difficult because of natural fusing at around age 18 to 21. Reported Gathorne-Hardy, "I feel calmer, and that particular mental exhaustion I became so used to has gone."
[Globe and Mail-The Independent, 9-22-95]

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